It’s been said that in business there are no second acts.

Act 1 helps executive teams arrive at critical milestones when time is of the essence and the stakes are high.

Branding, marketing, strategy, and culture don’t exist in separate silos. They’re deeply intertwined and must be addressed as a unit to arrive at solutions that actually work. 

Blending creativity with a data-driven focus, we bring stakeholders together to make sure the right decisions are made – and that they have the most critical ingredient in order to succeed: buy-in.


“During our recent merger, The Act 1 team helped us define a single brand through a well-planned approach that made the best use of our time and resources. Their workshops, in-depth market research and marketing expertise allowed for a decision making process that was methodical, collaborative, fun and very productive.”

— Tim Biltz, CEO, SEGRA